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Epigenetics Guide Book (without epigenetics bag)

Epigenetics Guide Book (without epigenetics bag)

This is my heartfelt epigenetics guide book to help you rewrite your wellness story. It comes in a 3 ring binder for your peronal organization.


"Welcome to the next step of Your Healing Journey! I am armoring you with EPIGENETICS to cultivate healing pathways within the brain by transforming challenges into opportunities and creating a lifestyle of balance.


My goal is to give you as many resources as possible to:

  • Know where to start, when it comes to your health

  • Reframe nutrition in a world full of mixed messages

  • Select your own personal lifestyle through education and accessibility 

  • Heal on multiple levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually 

  • Have some fun in this journey with lasting, sustainable shifts upward!"


Table of Contents 


Dr. Meaghan’s Story 

Your Healing Statement 

Flight of Epigenetics Bag 

Health Shifts 

Dr. Meaghan’s 5 Pillars of Epigenetics

Wellness Debriefing


Liver Support 

Additives to Avoid 

Spiritual Gym 

Facts & Opinions: 







-The Gut






Anti-Alzheimer’s Protocol: 

-Heavy Metal Toxicity

-Sources of Calcium





-Brain stimulation


-Blood Sugar


-Gut Health

-Additional Supplementation

-Brain Foods



-Mito Diet


  • Additional information:

    *Price includes shipping. This item is non-refundable. 

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