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42 Days of Light Affirmation Booklet

42 Days of Light Affirmation Booklet



Rewire habits to support healthy gene expression using these daily affirmations.


For each day of the next six weeks, you will read one affirmation. These concepts begin to shift habits and beliefs to support cellular healing. By coming into alignment in mind, body and spirit, we release chemical messages that create a healing environment internally. 


Access pearls of wisdom by learning epigenetics one day at a time! Support healthy gene expression. Instill better health habits. Reframe thinking. We may change the way our brains operate with neuroplasticity. Changing our thoughts changes our behaviors; our physical makeup responds to changes in chemical signaling. Changing the chemical enviornment of our cells creates a shift from dis-ease to healing states. 


My guide is here to lead you through many of the principles that influence our gene expression in a positive way. These principles allow us to embrace the finest facets of regenerative medicine. We harness our bodies’ abilities to heal, by creating the conditions our cells need to repair. Nutrigenetics is how our genes respond to the environment. Nutrigenomics is how lifestyle modifications affect our gene expression. Putting these together in a customized fashion may drastically improve our health. We may even translate a genetics report into a personal health profile to aim to shift disease states. We begin to rewrite your wellness story here…

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